Competitor analytics is the practice of monitoring what your competitors are up to on social media and learning from it in order to improve your own brands performance. Using competitor analytics you can also contextualize your own performance and see if you are under or over performing for your market. Quickly identify what successful brands are doing and then incorporate these elements into your own strategies.

Step 1

Using Sociolus you will have registered your own brand(s) and any other brands you are interested in performing social media analysis on e.g. your competitors.


 Step 2

Sociolus gives you social media analysis on everyone engaging with your brand, ranked by influence. It also shows you everyone engaging with every other brand you register, be that your sub brands, brands you are interested in, or your competitors. Simply select a brand whose fans you are interested in seeing or engaging with.


 Step 3

Now that you have chosen a specific brand whose fans you are interested in looking at you can filter the data as you see fit. You can select Facebook or Twitter as well as selecting to filter by audience size or total number of engagements.  Using social media analysis you can target people depending on how big their network is or how actively they have been engaging with your competitors.


 Step 4

So once you have seen who the influencers for your competitors are you can perform a series of actions automatically through Sociolus including:

  • Social media analysis on who they are
  • Following / unfollowing the influencers on Twitter
  • Creating custom campaigns targeting them
  • Exporting their social media user IDs in a CSV file to use in paid advertising and CRM activities


Step 5

If you haven’t already added and verified a social media account you can now add it in order to complete any follower / campaign based activities.


Step 6

If you want to send a campaign aimed at your competitors fans then you just need to fill out our form, choose your recipients and click submit.

Note: think about the social media analysis you have seen and what insights you have gained to make the campaigns even more focussed.


Et voilà in 5 minutes you can have achieved the following:

  1. Followed the top influencers for ALL of your competitors
  2. Exported the user IDs of anyone engaging with your brand or your competitors to use in advertising or CRM activities at a later date
  3. Sent a tailored campaign promoting your brand to everyone engaging with your competitor
  4. Performed a social media analysis on your competitors and their followers


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