Sociolus is a social media platform that allows users and brands to interact in a mutually beneficial way.  Our aim is for brands and marketers to understand their social media strategy and allow them to reach, engage and increase their customer base and create brand ambassadors that will do their marketing for them. We do this by incentivizing users to like and engage with your brand and build deep relationships by rewarding them for their behavior by using game mechanics and brand sponsored incentives.

Why Sociolus?

Currently brands and marketers spend a huge amount of money on social media advertising (by 2016 it is expected to reach $10bn) but there are significant problems:

  1. It’s very hard to measure the return on your investment?
  2. It’s expensive and time consuming?
  3. How do you know you are targeting the right people?
  4. How do you get people to like you?

Unfortunately we also live in a world where consumers are cynical and do not trust brand adverts (only 35%) whilst they show trust in personal recommendations (92%). Brands and marketers need a way to address this, and that’s where we come in – we can help you to build brand ambassadors who will recommend your product to their friends and network.

How Sociolus works

We allow brands and marketers to understand how their social media marketing and advertising is performing by displaying this on our dashboards that include: Engagement / Affinity / Demographics / Fans / Ambassadors. Our platform searches all your social media profiles, websites, blogs and any other online material or key words you are interested in.

The result? Sociolus benefits:

  1. See who you should be engaging with (customers / influencers)
  2. Get up to date analytics on your social media strategy
  3. Understand the return on your investment for PR / Digital and Marketing activities
  4. Understand what your customers are saying and what they want from you
  5. Compare yourself to the competition and see how you are doing
  6. Launch campaigns targeted at creating brand ambassadors with the most influential people

Interested? Get in touch.

We would love to answer any questions or explain the site in more detail. We can show you a demo of the site in action and talk about how we can specifically help your business. The Sociolus team has  spent a number of years in the management consultancy world and can offer an end-to-end tailored solution for your marketing and social needs.

By Dinos Hamalis