We joined the Accelerator Academy at the Innovation Warehouse earlier in the year. At that time we had been working on Sociolus for over a year and we had produced a proof of concept platform. We felt fairly confident that we were ready for investment and that we were ready to introduce our idea to the masses. This notion changed after the first few weeks of the course!

The set up was clear. Each week there would be a different topic that was integral to a start-up’s journey and would feature as an independent section of the business plan. The course would climax with a presentation to other start-ups, our mentors, investors and interested observers. We were lucky enough to have Ami as our mentor, the founder of the Innovation Warehouse and a very well respected entrepreneur and investor. Over the next few months he imparted in us some valuable insight, motivation and guidance that allowed us to shape our proposition and make progress in the right direction.
 The course which was led by Ian Merricks really helped us to think about structuring our thoughts and  ideas in a meaningful way. It was an important lesson for us to learn; successful businesses solve  problems in the most elegant and simple way possible. This prompted us to strip down our proposition,  focus our thoughts on who are customers would be and what would they want. Through creating a solid  foundation we could then build out our business model and start to make inroads into our chosen market  sector.
 Without the AA we wouldn’t be where we are today which is having a platform that addresses the issues  being faced by brands and marketers. Furthermore, Sociolus has recently been interviewed by Gartner  as they see us a disruptive force in this space. We hope to continue our relationship with AA and IW long  into the future and thank them for the support they have already shown us.