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About Us

The team met while working in Accenture Technology Consulting. The company started initially as a marketing startup in the big-data analytics space. We worked with a number of companies at our early growth stage and eventually received backing from an international media corporation. Since then we have transitioned our focus to online marketing. We put to work our strong academic background coupled with our 30+ years combined experience on every single project we work on, always treating it as our own.

about us and our team sociolus
about us and our team sociolus

The Team

Dinos, Web Designer & Project Manager

Hi, my name is Dinos, I am Greek-Peruvian and currently living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I grew up in Greece but later on I moved to the UK where I went to college and eventually got my MSc degree in Cloud Computing. Following a short stint in France for my first job as a tech support analyst, I joined Accenture Technology Consulting, where I stayed for almost 10 years. After numerous travels and projects around the world (Hong Kong, Switzerland, Milan, Munich and others) I decided to create the Sociolus marketing agency. At first Sociolus dealt with various online marketing sectors and we successfully secured a first round of Angel investment by a London based media venture. Since then we have implemented more than 600 websites, including the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, the Chicago Bulls Team Physician and various TEDx websites and have won various awards along the way.

The photo: with the family in a pumpkin patch in south Florida. 

Chris, Web Designer & Social Media Manager

I’m Chris, born in Charleston, West Virginia, but spent my childhood years in Greece. I went to college in Portsmouth, UK where I acquired two postgraduate degrees in Business Economics and Marketing with E-commerce as well as a diploma in Digital Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Following my studies, I spend a number of years in Athens specializing in sales and brand marketing and later on I joined Sociolus in 2015. I’m passionate about web design and the creativity that goes behind it and I’m always striving to learn more techniques and new tools. I’m a sports ‘fanatic’ and would watch anything sports related, however above everything else I’m an outdoor enthusiast and consider myself a nature addict.

The photo: setting out to climb the tallest and the most iconic mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus.

Savvas, Web Designer & Infrastructure Manager

Hi, I’m Savvas, Greek-Mexican. I was born in Greece where I still reside, in a trilingual home, speaking Greek, Spanish and English from a very young age. My initial studies were in Computer Science and my early career steps in software tech support. I acquired a number of IT certifications along the way and eventually I discovered a passion for front-end web development and design. I enjoy the balance between functionality and design aesthetics and I’m always pushing myself to learn more skills and stay up to date with the latest trends. I spend my spare time scuba diving, snorkeling and mountain biking.

The photo:  Scuba diving near Fidonísi island in the north Aegean sea.

Jerry, Web Designer & SEO Manager

I’m Jerry, born in Greece and living in Athens. After completing my studies in Applied Physics, I acquired several marketing certifications and I spent several years on IT and telecommunications companies. Always passionate for eTail, SEO and conversion analytics. I’ am passionate on creating speedy, SEO optimized e-commerce websites made for conversions using the latest tools on the market. As a freelance SEO consultant i have ranked 3 Etsy stores to the top 1 to 5 percentile. I love traveling, and cooking (esp. Italian pasta!). I am a snorkeling addict and passionate for landscape photography.

The photo: in front of the Panathenaic Stadium Athens, build c.330 BC and host of the first modern Olympic games in 1896.

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