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WordPress vs Website Page Builders

When it comes to website page builders, the competition is fierce. Although WordPress is still the most popular and widely used website builder, the competition doesn’t go unnoticed. However, there are various aspects in which WordPress still has the upper hand against its competitors.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Marketing Automation

Take control of your social media. Marketing automation isn’t a new concept. It has been used to great effect in the more traditional forms of marketing for the past decade. Companies like Marketo and Infusion Soft have created wonderfully useful platforms and tools that help businesses attract, nurture and manage their leads through web and email marketing flows.

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6 Killer Myths about Social Media Marketing

1. Authenticity is king right? Well… no.

Lots of blogs keep telling us how you need authenticity to drive engagement and followers, but this isn’t always the case. There are platforms out there that provide social media analytics and automated workflows with proved results. Our friends over at GoodAudience have published multiple studies that show 3x more engagement using their auto following, auto-favoriting rules then trying to careful select and engage with content on your own.
The Importance of Competitor Analytics

If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competitors are. Competitor analytics, as the study of how brands stack up against one another in any given market or industry, has become a key barometer for success and longevity and the hierarchy between brands has now moved across into the social sphere. Whereas once a brand’s health may have purely been derived from revenue and gross profit, today there are more subtle and telling metrics that define and predict the long term success of any given company. They can be tracked most effectively using social media metrics, which is essentially a hard line into exactly what customers are thinking about a brand and which is why it makes is so compelling and objective.

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Even a small brand can cast a big shadow

The fight for social media marketing success requires intelligence, not muscle. The first question you may want answering is “when is GoT season 5 coming out?!” That would be April 13th 9pm. Now that’s out of the way you might ask what Tyrion Lannister and social media marketing have in common. Well, it turns out rather a lot. Just like the imp who constantly out manoeuvres his adversaries despite his diminutive stature – so to can small brands slay giants by using their minds instead of their muscle.

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Still driving manual? Get with the times and go automatic

Marketing is a dark art, part science – part story. Get it right and the rewards can be limitless. Get it wrong and your business or product can fail before it’s even had a chance to succeed. Traditionally good marketing required the fundamentals: a marketing team, a healthy budget, an understanding of the product, customer and landscape and a holistic plan to execute against your business goals. This is no small feat, and as a result numerous great business and products have failed at the first hurdle because they couldn’t get their brand and values across to their target market.

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Use social media analysis to target your competitor’s fans in just 5 minutes!

Competitor analytics is the practice of monitoring what your competitors are up to on social media and learning from it in order to improve your own brands performance. Using competitor analytics you can also contextualize your own performance and see if you are under or over performing for your market. Quickly identify what successful brands are doing and then incorporate these elements into your own strategies.

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Social Data: Cut To The Chase

Social Media Analytics will change the way we do business. In fact the whole world of big data and business intelligence has powered the intelligent revolution in how businesses manage everything from their operations to their product development. It hasn’t always been painless, in fact for large swathes of the late 90’s and 2000’s it was probably less favorable that root canal surgery. The projects were big, bulky, expensive, complicated and lacked adoption amongst the rank and file. However, as the solutions have become more sophisticated and moved to a SaaS or agile infrastructure these problems have largely reduced.

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Getting The Basics Right: Social Media Marketing

Many claim to be social media expert these days and you’ll never be short on advice for what do when it comes to social. There’s plenty of great material out there, but there’s also a lot of fluff that tries to make you feel as if you need to employ a data scientist, a marketing professional or any other yoda like character to make sense of it all.

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