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Building Influential Brand Ambassadors

Sociolus is a social media platform that allows users and brands to interact in a mutually beneficial way.  Our aim is for brands and marketers to understand their social media strategy and allow them to reach, engage and increase their customer base and create brand ambassadors that will do their marketing for them. We do this by incentivizing users to like and engage with your brand and build deep relationships by rewarding them for their behavior by using game mechanics and brand sponsored incentives.

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Brands & Users on Social Media

To think big, you need to act small. Loyalty, buzz and advocacy isn’t about offering 2-4-1 points if you use your credit card on a certain day or spending millions for your product to be endorsed by a celebrity. Real, organic authentic affinity is achieved by doing the right thing and committing to your customers and the market you operate in. This is where big brands need to take a step back and start thinking small.

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